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St. Peter Ording: Vacation at the North Sea

The North Sea offers a unique vacation experience, and Sankt Peter-Ording is the perfect destination to enjoy all that the North Sea has to offer. With its vast and picturesque beach, rich history and geology, it is a popular Resort for tourists from all over the world.

The beach near Sankt Peter Ording

The most notable feature of Sankt Peter-Ording is its extensive beach, which stretches up to twelve kilometers long and two kilometers wide (at low tide) to the west of the town. The beach was historically formed by the landing of two sandbanks, the Hitzand and the Hochsichtsand, on the mainland. This makes it a unique place, where large belts of dunes extend inland from the district of Böhl to the area between Bad and Ording, offering a great view of the North Sea.

The beach is an ideal place for picnicking, sunbathing and swimming, as well as a great place for kite surfing or sand sailing during the North Sea vacation. Besides swimming and water activities, visitors can also play beach volleyball or go horseback riding through the sand dunes.

History of Peter Ording

Sankt Peter-Ording has a rich history, which consists of settlement by the Frisians and Vikings. The name of the village of Sankt Peter first comes from a documentary mention in 1373. Before that the village was called Ulstrup. The name of the church of St. Peter was later used as the name of the village, because Ulstrup had lost a lot of land due to silting up.

Ording and Sankt Peter merged ecclesiastically as early as 1863, while the municipal merger to form Sankt Peter-Ording did not take place until January 1, 1967.


The village is located in a unique natural landscape, whose salt marsh landscape extends from the southern end of the village to behind the pier. There are numerous small ponds and puddles that are flooded by salt water only occasionally and not even every year, so amphibians such as grass frogs, moor frogs and common toads have settled here. The tidal range of the marsh is about 1,000 meters. Landward, the natural surface is characterized by former beach mounds to the west and the intervening marshland.

Sights for North Sea vacation

Also has the Resort many attractions for visitors, including Saint Peter's Church, built in the early 14th century. This church is a historical landmark of the area with its Baroque altar from 1661, pulpit from 1742 and organ built by the famous Johannes Brahms. The church has been restored several times and is now considered a unique architectural masterpiece.

Another attraction is the West Coast Park and Robbarium, a wildlife park with various animals from the region, including seals, sea lions and porpoises. Visitors can also watch the spectacular flocks of birds from the observation deck on the park's grounds.

The Wattolümpiade is an annual event held in the summer in Sankt Peter-Ording, where games are organized by teams of locals and visitors. The games include mud fight, boot throwing and mud soccer.