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North Sea Beaches - The 15 most beautiful for swimming vacations on the beach

The North Sea is a popular destination for vacationers who want to enjoy clean air, good water and endless sandy beaches. Especially popular are the North Sea Islands, which is located in the middle of the UNESCO National Park Wadden Sea lie. This Islands offer visitors many opportunities for a perfect beach vacation. Also at the North Sea coast there are beautiful beaches, for example in Büsum or St. Peter-Ording with miles of sandy beaches.

Especially families with small children are attracted to the coastal resorts certified for seaside vacations. Beaches with a wide range of leisure activities attract families with young children on vacation. In many cases, there are also special areas for dogs, where they can run and swim. This makes coastal resorts an attractive destination for family vacations.

St. Peter-Ording - 12 kilometer long North Sea beach

St Peter Ording beach

St Peter Ording beach

The coast of St. Peter-Ording is one of the most beautiful of the entire North Sea. The 12-kilometer coastline is covered with dunes that seem endless. There are also many salt marshes, which make it an ideal place for families and people of all ages who like to spend time by or on the water. You can relax in a beach chair and enjoy the view or take your dog to the area and have fun together.

Sanitary facilities are usually located near the parking lot, so you can park your car and walk to the North Sea beach without having to worry about a toilet. Once there, you can relax in a beach chair or take a walk along the long sandy beach. Even in the winter months you can enjoy your vacation with a long walk and breathe in the fresh salty air.

The bathing place is ideal for families with small children, because the water is shallow. This makes it easy for families to get in and out of the water. That is why many people go to Bad with their families. There is a playground and in summer there is a free animation program for children. So the children have many opportunities to keep themselves busy. Dogs are welcome at all spots in Bad and the waves are perfect for surfing at all spots.

Beach in Norddeich

The little ones can build sand castles or have fun with other children on the playground. For the physical well-being provide a variety of catering establishments and snack stands. The sandy beach is also an ideal place to walk, relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. The fee for the use of the sandy beach of the coastal resort in the municipality of Norden in Lower Saxony is included in the cost of accommodation in one of the hotels of the resort.

Perlebucht - the North Sea beach in Büsum

The Büsum Lagoon was created by artificially separating part of the sea with an artificial island. This created a closed water area, which is perfect for swimming and water sports and is not affected by the tides. This makes it an ideal place for families with children. Kitesurfing and surfing are just two of the most popular water sports in the Pearl Bay. But the bay also offers numerous spots for other water sports. After an eventful day on the water, you can relax at one of the numerous barbecue areas. Another attraction are the sleeping baskets. In one of these baskets, guests can spend a wonderful night under the stars.


Sylt - Lister elbow in a nature reserve

Sylt sea beach chair

Sylt Sea beach chair

In Ellenbogen List there is a fine sandy North Sea beach in the middle of a nature reserve. The atmosphere created by the sound of the waves, the beautiful dunes and the thatched houses is truly unique. Nature lovers, walkers and romantics will get their money's worth here. It is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy nature, with thatched houses adding to the atmosphere. The northernmost beach in Germany is the perfect place to start surfing. The two lighthouses invite you to take a walk, where you might see sheep grazing. On clear days, you can even see the neighboring Danish island of Rømø. The conditions are ideal for beginners and you can learn to surf with a lot of fun.

Amrum - kilometer long beach on the west coast

The Kniepsand is a sandbank that stretches along the entire west coast of the Amrum island extends in the district of Nordfriesland. The area is known for its beautiful beaches, which are among the most beautiful of the entire North Sea coast should belong. Families with small children will find plenty of space to romp and play, adults can relax and enjoy the sun without feeling disturbed.

The place where you can go into the water is close to the shore and has a shallow water depth, so it is also suitable for babies and small children. It is an ideal place for paddling and playing in the waves and the water is usually very warm. Locals and tourists use driftwood and other waste to build unique beach houses.

Spiekeroog - 15 km long pristine sandy beaches

Sand dune on Spiekeroog

Sand dune on Spiekeroog

Spiekeroog is a beautiful sandy beach in East Frisia, Germany. The beach is 15 kilometers long and is suitable for many activities. For those who prefer to be nude, there is a special area. Dogs are also welcome in some places.

The Spiekeroog island is a popular destination because of its 15 kilometers of pristine sandy beaches, clean water and high dunes. Vacation destination. The island can be reached only by ferry, making it a convenient destination for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. In addition, the ferry offers a breathtaking view of the salt marshes of the island.

The most popular beach on the island of Spiekeroog is located on the north side, about a kilometer from the main town. It is especially popular because the water near the shore is shallow, so even children can swim safely. Visitors to the North Sea beach can rent deck chairs and umbrellas and spend a day in the sun. In the summer months, it can get quite crowded on Spiekeroog. After a day in the sun, you can enjoy a delicious, freshly caught North Sea fish in one of the restaurants.

Westerland beach - between windsurfers & kiteboarders

The beach of Westerland is a popular destination for windsurfers and kiteboarders, as there is a steady breeze here. But also other sports like beach volleyball can be practiced here. Those who just want to lie in the sun should consider other beaches.

When you visit Westerland, you can be sure that you will have a good time. There is always something going on in the city center and a walk along the beach promenade is highly recommended. The beach promenade is lined with stores and restaurants, so you are spoilt for choice.

The beach resort of the North Sea clinic on the beautiful Sylt island is the perfect place to rest and relax in the sun. The powdery dunes invite you to sunbathe, beach chairs and umbrellas can be rented in sufficient numbers. The nearby bar is the perfect place to have a drink or a meal, and you don't have to worry about being disturbed.

Section 21 of Westerland Beach is a designated area for beachgoers to enjoy the water and sand. This area is supervised by lifeguards who are responsible for the safety of bathers in the water and on the beach. The beach is located near the main settlement of the island and is easily accessible by public transportation or by personal car. For motorists there is ample parking and a bus stop right on the beach.

South beach in Wilhelmshaven

The southern beach in Wilhelmshaven is a good option for beachgoers who want to relax in a picturesque setting. The southernmost point offers a breathtaking view of the sea and a number of large sunbathing lawns that invite you to sunbathe. The many colorful beach chairs on the grounds add to the vacation atmosphere, and those who rent a chair near the water can watch the action up close. Whether you want to soak up the sun or simply enjoy the scenery, Südstrand in Wilhelmshaven is the perfect place for a relaxing day by the water.

For those who want to indulge in culinary delights, there are numerous restaurants. The range of restaurants is varied and some offer delicious fish specialties. In addition to the restaurants, there is also a playground and sanitary facilities specially designed for children. To get to the south beach, you just need to park your car in one of the on-site parking lots. There is also a bus stop very close to the beach, so you can easily reach it without having to drive yourself.


Beach on Borkum North Bath

Borkum beach

Beach from Borkum

Due to its location on the Borkum island, its sandy beach and its numerous facilities a popular Vacation destination. Facilities include toilets, surfboard and kitesurf rental. There are also snack bars with food and drinks and much more. The Borkum Nordbad is one of four beaches on the Borkum island and a popular destination for those who want to enjoy the natural beauty of the island.

A beach café and a restaurant take care of your physical well-being. If you start your beach trip in the city, it is no problem to walk to the North Bath. There is a public bus stop right in front of it, which can be used as an alternative to the available parking spaces.

Juist - one of the most beautiful natural sandy beaches in the world

The Juist island has some of the most beautiful natural sandy beaches in the world. The beaches stretch for 17 kilometers and offer guests the opportunity to relax and enjoy the beautiful view. The beaches are divided into quieter and busier sections, and beach chairs are available for guests to relax in peace by the sea.

The island of Juist is perfect for a family vacation. It is car-free, so you can easily explore it on foot or by bike. There are many cafes and restaurants on the island and a number of beaches where you can relax and enjoy the beautiful view. There are also several volleyball courts, an ideal place for a game with family and friends.

Bensersiel - white sandy beach for swimming

Bensersiel is the ideal place for a clean and quiet North Sea vacation. The reputation of the place as a North Sea spa always attracts many vacationers who want to relax on the white sandy beach. People from all over the world come here to enjoy the Sights to visit.

Due to its location in East Frisia, Bensersiel is the ideal place for a quiet and relaxing vacation. Bensersiel is known for its cleanliness and quiet atmosphere - the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The sand is one of the main attractions in Bensersiel and invites you to stay.

Beach chairs invite you to rest and relax, beach volleyball and other playground equipment provide exercise. For the younger guests there is a large outdoor playground. Here the little ones can let off steam while the grown-ups enjoy their well-deserved rest and relaxation.